Sai Spiritual Education


Sai Spiritual Education (SSE) is the program focused on building character and inculcating the five human values in children aged 6 to 17 years. The program is based on Sai Baba’s teachings of the universality of the human values – Truth, Right Action, Peace, Love and Nonviolence – and the consequent unity behind all religions and mankind.

The children learn to inculcate the human values in their daily life, and to serve all fellow man equally treating them verily as God. The goal behind the SSE program is to develop the spark of Divinity inherent in every child so the child blossoms into an honest and humble citizen of the country he / she resides in.

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There are four broad tracks of learning imparted in Sai Spiritual Education.

National Culture & SpiritualityLessons to be learnt from our country of residence (USA) and of origin (any immigrant origin such as India, Caribbean etc.).
Sai Culture & SpiritualityCulture and traditions as followed by Sai Baba’s institutions and organization.
Practical SpiritualityApplying Sai Baba’s message in a practical context in daily life.
Value Based SpiritualityLessons learnt from teaching of the five human values, the unity of all religions, and the brotherhood of man.

Each class can adopt multiple strategies to demonstrate the lesson to the children. Taking the students through the cycle of Awareness –> Inspiration –> Experience –> Sharing provides for all around spiritual development.

AwarenessRaise awareness about a topic or principle e.g., unity of faiths. This can be accomplished by providing basic information, examples, and descriptive presentations.
InspirationUse Sai Baba’s personal example and that of other spiritual and social leaders, so the children may be inspired and motivated to try to do the same in their life as well.
ExperientialActivity based session allowing the students to experience the message in addition to hearing about it.
SharingAn important part of the cycle is to give time for students to share what they have experienced. After becoming aware, being inspired to try, and experiencing for themselves, the final step of sharing helps reinforce the message.